Happy Birthday, Cy Young!

This post first appeared on BaseballDigest.com

Cy Young may not have noticed the significance of his move following the 1900 season, when he joined a Boston team in the newly developed American League. The opposition likely noticed this future Hall of Famers presence in the new American League, as he would win the Triple Crown in his first AL season. A feat that no other Boston pitcher would achieve until Pedro Martinez accomplished it 98 years later. A few seasons later, Cy Young would be at the center of the first modern day world championship series that has taken place just about every year since the inaugural series in 1903.

Cy Young played just over one third of his career with the Boston Red Sox. In only 8 seasons, Cy Young managed to solidify himself among the top of the all-time franchise leader lists for the Red Sox. Despite not having played a game for the Red Sox in 100 seasons, you will find Young still ranks among the best ever to don a Boston uniform. It’s no wonder the award for best pitcher is named after Cy Young.

As one of the best pitchers in the Dead Ball Era, Cy Young had a sub-2.00 ERA and sub 1.00 WHIP in 5 of his 8 seasons with Boston. In the first modern World Series, Cy Young led the Boston Americans to victory over the Pittsburgh Pirates with 3 complete games(winning 2) and a 6 inning stint in relief.

For his overall tremendous career, including 8 outstanding seasons in Boston, Happy 142nd Birthday to Cy Young!


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