A Blog Anew

“Anew” –  Definition – afresh: again but in a new or different way.
I blogged before this entry.  I blogged a lot, actually, before this entry. I spent 4 years at Blogger, and 2 years before that at Live Journal. However, I blogged mostly joking about my daily life while in college, and sadly deleted that blog before realizing it would’ve been awesome to look back on. I blogged at Blogger for years, but saw my content and posting drop significantly in around 2007. There were a lot of things I blogged about there that are great, for that time in life.

My blogs before were mostly anonymous, except for the few people who knew about them. I preferred that, because I would write about stuff that sometimes were only interesting to very few.

Since my blogging overall has dropped, I  am attempting to revitalize my blogging style by making a few big changes. One of which is moving to WordPress, the other is blogging  with one central place that having multiple blogs(like I had before). I doubt I’ll delve into controversial things.

This is the first post, hopefully of many more!


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