Happy Birthday, Don Aase!

This post first appeared on BaseballDigest.com

Don Aase had a brief Red Sox career, but his indirect contribution to the Red Sox franchise should be forever remembered.

Don Aase is a success story, a ballplayer who struggled in the minors before righting himself and pushing himself to the major leagues with the 1977 Boston Red Sox. A Sox team that won 97 games with the help of Don Aase. Along with a 3.12 ERA, Aase had 4 complete games including 2 shutouts in his 13 starts.

In a classic example of a team capitalizing on great small sample sized talent, the Red Sox traded Don Aase to the California Angels for the speedy infielder Jerry Remy. While the trade appeared to benefit the Sox at first when Jerry Remy earned his first and only All-Star nod, both players struggled for several seasons with injury and effectiveness. By the early 80’s though, both players returned to some semblance of productivity they showed when first traded for one another. While Remy remained with the Sox during the early 80’s, Don Aase rediscovered himself with the Baltimore Orioles.

Jerry Remy would remain in Boston long after his trade from the Angels, his voice becoming synonymous with Red Sox games on NESN, the regional television station. Remy might have ended up with the Boston Red Sox in some capacity regardless of the Aase trade, as he’s a local, but it’s worth recognizing Don Aase’s part in bringing the local player back to his hometown team. For his stellar 1977 season as well, Happy 55th Birthday, Don Aase!


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