Happy Birthday, Chase Nixon!

This post first appeared on BaseballDigest.com

As the 8th anniversary of the events of September 11, 2001 is upon us, I wasn’t too sure about reflecting on a particular baseball player who is celebrating a birth. For the sake of knowing, Jacoby Ellsbury and Ellis Burks are celebrating their 26th and 45th birthdays respectively. There is a birthday to celebrate, but it was literally the day of their birth. During the day so many lives were lost, there’s at least one story of a new life.

I initially thought that I would leave this day blank, a ‘moment of silence’ in blog form. However, having left so many days this year blank, I didn’t want to let September 11th go by without acknowledging the day. During the days between 9/11 and when baseball resumed a week later, there were a lot of stories that came out about people trying to get home and get in touch with their families. We will undoubtedly read about these stories today and around this day.

The story I remember vividly from the days surrounding 9/11 involved then-Red Sox outfielder Trot Nixon. Nixon’s wife was pregnant with their first child and the Sox had been on a road trip during that week. The team was scheduled to play in Tampa Bay, and Nixon was en route to Boston when his wife was in labor, and his flight was called down in Norfolk, VA due to the morning attacks. While he missed the birth of his son Chase, he did find a way to be with his wife and son. His cousin drove from North Carolina, picked Nixon up, and they went on their way to Boston.


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