Game Day Connections: ALDS Game 3, Backs Against The Wall

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Motivational speeches? Well, maybe this is a motivational historical reference. The Red Sox have risen before. They’ll do it again. The Red Sox have had quite a bit of postseason success against the Angels, against teams that have pushed them up against the wall. Did you know the Angels played a role in the 1967 Impossible Dream, without playing in the postseason?

The night that changed Tony C’s life also may have changed the Red Sox 1967 season. Entering August 18th against Jack Hamilton and the Angels, the Red Sox were 6-9 since August 1st and 3 games back in the standings. Including the August 18th win, the Red Sox went on a 7 game winning streak and finished August of that year with a 20-15 record. The Sox went 14-5 between August 18th-31st. Their 7 game winning streak started with a 4 game sweep of the California Angels of Anaheim via Los Angeles by way of San Diego from Sacramento. The ‘Impossible Dream’ Red Sox never looked back. Some would argue the 1967 Red Sox turned the entire franchise around. The organization had hit a turning point. In part due to the Angels, the Red Sox were no longer laughingstocks of the American League.

Tony C knew all about comebacks when he completed his own in 1969, and the Red Sox know all about comebacks, having done it so many times in the last decade. Heck, today is the 10 year anniversary of the 1999 Game 5 Red Sox/Indians ALDS that saw an injured Pedro Martinez throw 6 no hit innings to help the Red Sox advance to the 1999 ALCS.

They’ve done it before.

Let’s do it again!


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