Minor League Spotlight: An Introduction

This post first appeared on BaseballDigest.com

Each Monday during the 2010 season, I will examine the minor leagues of Major League Baseball as well as the independent leagues throughout the United States, North America, and the rest of the world. The goal is to shine a light on teams that are full of future MLB talent and showcase the entertainment, history and activities of minor league baseball. There are many resources available throughout the world wide web, and this space will bring the most interesting and informative pieces to you through Baseball Digest.

In a few weeks, a comprehensive list of minor league and independent league teams that utilize the internet and the social networks of Twitter and Facebook will be made available on Baseball Digest. Many teams use these resources to reach their fans and offer special on-line deals.

Every week I will profile a team, a league, or a particular player. I will also provide links to writers who cover the minor leagues and news throughout the leagues.

Some news items will be topics that may not make the major baseball news media outlets.

For instance, the news that a new baseball team is setting up shop in Norwich, Connecticut. Thanks to Twitter, this news reached fans as soon as it happened. Maury Brown is the president and founder of the Business of Sports Network, a series of websites dedicated to football, basketball, hockey and baseball news. Mr. Brown’s twitter account is an active resource for minor and major league baseball news. One such tweet this week linked to a news story on his website that the Oneonta Tigers of the New York-Penn League have relocated to Norwich, CT and will be known as the Connecticut Tigers.

In addition to covering the happenings within minor league baseball, I will use the Minor League Spotlight to showcase former MLB players that have post-playing careers in the minors.

One such example is Rico Brogna, a former major league ballplayer who spent 9 seasons with 5 teams between 1992-2001. Since retirement, he has held several positions as a scout and college baseball coach. For the 2010 season, Mr. Brogna will take on a new challenge as manager of the Arizona Diamondbacks double-A affiliate Mobile Bay Bears. Last month, Mr. Brogna interviewed with Mike Silva’s NY Baseball Digest and discussed his career since retiring from baseball.

To kick off my 2010 coverage of the minor leagues on Baseball Digest, I will be interviewing the writers of Bus Leagues Baseball, a tremendous resource for interviews and stories of upcoming players and the state of minor league baseball. Please check back next Monday, on April 5th, for the full interview!


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