The National Baseball Hall of Fame, and Steroids

I actually wrote this after Alex Rodriguez came out and admitted using performance enhancing drugs. I think it still rings true, and thought it might be appropriate to bring back on the day Andre Dawson joined the ranks of the greatest ever. Whether Andre Dawson is or isn’t actually deserving of the Hall of Fame, is a whole different blog entry that I’ll address soon enough! I figure he should have his day in the sun without anyone soiling it. Speaking of soiling baseball…

Pete Rose isn’t in the Hall of Fame, but you’d be hard pressed to find a baseball fan who doesn’t know who he is. Until someone passes him as the all-time hits leader, Pete Rose will probably be more recognizable than some of the folks who are in the Hall of Fame.

Pete Rose may have jeopardized his teams wins because of betting. We can speculate and guess, but one this is for sure; Pete Rose’s respect and integrity for the game of baseball without a doubt is questionable. He was caught, and deserves the punishment he’s gotten.

I’ve read that some other HoF’ers were suspected of gambling or betting, but were never found to be guilty. They weren’t found to be guilty. They got away with it. WTF can ya do. You can only punish the ones who get caught. Whoever gets caught should be punished the highest degree, to deter someone else from even trying it.

No player linked to steroids and/or illegal PEDs of any sort should be in the Hall of Fame. No Bonds, Big Mac, Sosa, Clemens, Rodriguez, Pettitte, any of the 104 listed. By taking steroids, they took away their respect for the game, they took away the integrity of records. They lose. If it came out that Randy Johnson, Greg Maddux, Pedro Martinez, Jeff Kent, and God knows who else tested positive, I don’t believe they should be in the Hall of Fame.

If it came out tomorrow that Rickey Henderson is within the list of 104 players, I would want him removed from the Hall of Fame. Same with anyone else.

You should not win. Just because it’s rampant, doesn’t mean it’s OK. It shouldn’t be taken into context for the era. It’s SIMPLE. Steroids = No Hall of Fame.

If it isn’t that way, then baseball has lost the war on PEDs.

When Alex Rodriguez came out with the admission to using PEDs, Curt Schilling chimed in on his blog..and I took exception to what he said about ARod ‘manning up’.

In the interview A-Rod addressed the pressure of his contract, the culture of the Texas Rangers clubhouse, and he didn’t say anything after allegedly deciding to stop in the spring of 2003.

If A-Rod really were to ‘man up’, he would’ve come out in February of ’03, and made every effort then to be a man about his errors. Instead, he said nothing, and continued to lie about it even years after he allegedly stopped using PEDs.

If ARod wants to man up, he’ll give up his ’03 MVP to Carlos Delgado, and start showing up in the anti-steroid ads you see all over the MLBN. What’s going to happen? Nothing. I doubt we will see him making speeches about the mistakes of his ways, I doubt we see any major contribution to the anti-steroid campaign.

When we look back at this in 20 years, athletes who want to sacrifice their body for an edge will look to the success, the millions, and freedom from punishment that ARod will experience as the rationale that it is okay to do it. Who cares if your body is messed up when you’re old? If it means you can earn millions, maybe it’s worth it. It worked for Alex.


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