Baseball Digest Birthdays: Celebrating History In 2011

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On the first of December, embarked on a trip through history, using the birthdays of players throughout history to celebrate the greatest game during the winter months. The new feature on will continue into 2011, and will feature many more Hall of Famers, All-Stars, and fan favorites from today and yesterday.

The Baseball Digest Birthdays feature is made possible by the team of great writers that put their time and talent into each player they write about. Shai Kushner, Bill Ivie, Drew Sarver, Christine Coleman, Josh Landsburg, Tim Danielson, and Simon Sharkey-Gotlieb have already created an impressive catalog of birthday celebrations during the month of December. Click on any of the players listed below, and read about who has been celebrated thus far.

Be sure to check in each day to find a new player being profiled. The year ahead will feature many players. Even January is stacked with the talent to field a championship team. Hall of Famers like Hank Greenberg and Bruce Sutter will be featured, as will World Series champions like Mike Timlin, and veteran fan favorites like Edgar Martinez. The writing team will expand as well, as more of the great writers of get involved in the new year!


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