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Red Sox Game Day Connections: Game 80, Philadelphia Phillies

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If Mike Timlin was walking through that door, he’s be pissed off. He’d be smashing heads. He’d be kicking asses and taking names.

Or maybe he’d just pat his teammates on the ass and say ‘we’ll get ’em next time,’. I’ll stick to the former, because Timlin arrived in Boston in 2003(after a brief stop in Philly in 2002) with that kind of mentality, and the Red Sox won it all twice with him in the bullpen.

The losing’s gotta stop! And Angry Mike Timlin says the time is now!


Red Sox Game Day Connections: Game 79, Philadelphia Phillies

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By the time Pedro Martinez pitched for the Philadelphia Phillies, he was 5 years removed from being a member of the Boston Red Sox. Before the Sox he wore Expos and Dodgers jerseys. Still, seeing him in anything but a Red Sox uni seemed weird. What wasn’t weird was his flashes of brilliance during his 2009 campaign, including a tough luck loss in Game 2 of the World Series against the New York Yankees.

Pedro was so damn nasty during his career, I used to watch scrambled NESN(yes, there was a time NESN was a premium channel!) and listen to Pedro strike out 10, 12, 15 batters in a game with such regularity that I thought every pitcher was capable of it.

John Lackey is starting for Boston, and there might not be a more hated player by fans of the Red Sox. The problem is, he’s not helping himself. If he picked up the ball and pitched his ass off tonight to help turn things around, maybe the haters won’t be hating as much.

I can wish.

Red Sox Game Day Connections: Game 78, Philadelphia Phillies

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Is the Red Sox / Phillies series really a World Series Preview? Perhaps. There’s a lot of baseball left, so it’s impossible to really guess.

Before the Phillies’ latest revival since 2007, they last reached the Fall Classic in 1993. At the time, Curt Schilling was just beginning his dominance over the NL and eventually the AL. His greatest successes came with the D-Backs and the Red Sox, but his first taste of the postseason was in 1993, where he showcased what he was capable of.

The Phillies have a gaggle of aces these days, and the Red Sox are pretty stacked as well. This should be an awesome series from start to finish.

Red Sox Game Day Connections: Game 77, Pittsburgh Pirates

Bronson Arroyo is a great example of recent transactions with the Pirates that have benefited the Red Sox. In February of 2003, the Red Sox plucked Arroyo off waivers and into the mix of pitchers that helped carry the Red Sox to the 2004 World Series Championship.

The Pirates would love to have a guy like him back in their rotation. Maybe the Sox would, too?

Either way, the Sox need to stop losing to the Pirates!

Red Sox Game Day Connections: Game 76, Pittsburgh Pirates

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Tim Wakefield takes the mound today looking for his 198th career victory, and his 184th as a member of the Boston Red Sox. Lots of media outlets are talking about the great start to Wakefield’s career with the 1992 Pittsburgh Pirates, and it’s kind of interesting, when you consider that he also had a meteoric start in Boston in 1995.

Wakefield is one of the last relics remaining in the game from the years when the Pirates were a pretty good team(Miguel Batista of the Nationals played 1 game w/ the ’92 Pirates). Four of his first teammates have since managed in the big leagues. One of his first teammates became the all-time leader in home runs and federal indictments.

The price of gas when Tim Wakefield’s career began was around $1.12/gal.

Most of the current roster of the Pirates were in elementary school when Wakefield began his career.

Earning his 198th career victory in Pittsburgh would be a great way to get the Sox back on track

Red Sox Game Day Connections: Game 75, Pittsburgh Pirates

For the last decade, the Red Sox have made various trades with Pittsburgh that seemed to always benefit the Red Sox.

One time, the Pirates tried to steal one from the Red Sox by signing Mike Benjamin. Turns out, the Sox got the best of that deal, too.

Hopefully the Sox return to their winning ways against the NL.

Photoblog: Biking Brooklyn

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I’ve biked over 50 miles during the last three days, and the photos above were taken during my adventures. I’m pretty wiped out, so I’m not going to add much to it. Sorry! =) I stopped twice at the Brooklyn Cyclones to see some baseball. Good times!