Red Sox Game Day Connections: Game 60, New York Yankees

Doesn’t it seem like the Red Sox / Yankees rivalry has softened over the last year or two? Is it because of the success of the Boston Bruins and Boston Celtics for the New England side, and the success of 2009 for the Yankees on the New York side?

The next three days could decide who takes first place in the American League East. The Yankees have a slim lead, but that could all change very easily.

Mike Stanley is the last player to be traded between these two clubs. He was shipped out by the Red Sox at the deadline in 1997 when it was clear the team was not making the playoffs. You can thank Mike Stanley whenever someone asks, ‘Will the Red Sox and Yankees ever make a trade again?’, because it’s highly unlikely.

The Red Sox traded Stanley to the Yankees in return for Tony Armas Jr., who was subsequently included in a trade a few months later to the Montreal Expos that sent Pedro Martinez to Boston. That alone seems like reason enough to consider that these two teams will never do business together.

Though they’re both in the hunt for the postseason, it feels a lot like 1997, when they conducted business together. In this regard, the hope is the Red Sox come out on top and leave New York in first place.

The Wild Card for the series will be Tim Wakefield. The oldest starting pitcher in Red Sox history, it’ll be interesting to see how he shapes up against his old foe.


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