Red Sox Game Day Connections: Game 63, Toronto Blue Jays

Source: Flickr user dgaproductions. Used without permission, all rights reserved by dgaproductions

The photo above could easily have had a Toronto Blue Jays atop Mike Timlin’s head and meant exactly the same thing in 1993 after the Blue Jays took the World Series title for a second time.

Mike Timlin, throughout his career, has played on a number of great teams, but none more significant than the two championships for the team in Canada and two championships for the long waiting fans in Boston. It’s not that often that a player can expect to have free drinks for the rest of his life in more than one town.

The significance of the 1992 Toronto Blue Jays win and the 2004 Boston Red sox win, is the fan base for both teams had been waiting. It was a great event, no doubt, for both sides. 1993 and 2007 were obviously amazing as well, but the first team is always head in a higher regard. Just look at the New York Yankees. The 1996 team is held higher than any of the three other championship teams, except maybe the 2000 team, and it’s because they had waited the longest time between championships.

Whenever the Toronto Blue Jays return to the glory days, they’ll have another Mike Timlin to rejoice over. However, their next era of glory days aren’t quite here yet, and the Sox should continue their wave of success from New York as they head into Toronto.


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