Red Sox Game Day Connections: Game 65, Toronto Blue Jays


Dennis Lamp played 16 seasons in the major leagues between 1977 and 1992. By the time the card above came out, Lamp had lost about 2 inches off his incredible mustache, a holdover from the hairy 70’s and 80’s. Lamp himself was kind of a holdover from the 70’s and 80’s.

Though Dennis Lamp appeared in three ALCS’ with three different teams, it seems as though he was always just a little early for the best chance to reach the World Series or just a little bit late. He signed with the Toronto Blue Jays in 1984 and spent three seasons to the north. Perhaps he guessed 1985 was the best shot that team had at the World Series, as the 1986 squad finished in fourth. He left Toronto for Oakland in 1987, which ended their season in 3rd place. Of course, they rattled off three straight trips to the World Series after that. However, by then Lamp had moved on to Boston in 1988, a team just two years removed from their own World Series trip. He spent four seasons in Boston, culminating with another trip to the ALCS in 1990. After the 1991 season with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Lamp retired.

Of course, a year later the Toronto Blue Jays would reach the World Series and history was made.

Of course, whether or not Dennis Lamp had any say in where he played throughout is career is entirely unknown. I like to think he did have a say, that he did decide to make all of these changes in his career. It makes for a better story.

Yesterday the Red Sox stomped the Blue Jays 16-4. Along the way the Blue Jays resorted to using their second baseman to pitch the 9th inning. They didn’t have a Dennis Lamp to close out the game. Well, they may have, but he was one of the 6 prior pitchers used in the game by Toronto. With Jon Lester taking the hill today against Kyle Drabek, the Red Sox have a pretty good chance to keep their great stretch going.


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