Red Sox Game Day Connections: Game 72, San Diego Padres

Source: Used Without Permission

Technically speaking, Ted Williams played his entire career with the Boston Red Sox, and has no connection to the current day San Diego Padres. The thing is, his professional career began with the Pacific Coast League San Diego Padres, the team that the MLB San Diego Padres were named after.

Arguably the greatest hitter in history of the game, Teddy Ballgame started his pro career as a 17 year old with the Padres. Within three years, he was leading MLB in RBIs and building his Hall of Fame credentials.

Most impressive, I think, with Ted Williams’ career, is he missed three full seasons during his mid 20’s to World War II. If you took his average numbers around the years he missed, there’s no doubt he would have collected 3,000 hits and slugged more than 600 home runs.

As the Padres take on the Red Sox, perhaps the hometown team can find their inner Teddy Ballgame and knock the Padres around.


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