Red Sox Game Day Connections: Game 76, Pittsburgh Pirates

Source: Used Without Permission

Tim Wakefield takes the mound today looking for his 198th career victory, and his 184th as a member of the Boston Red Sox. Lots of media outlets are talking about the great start to Wakefield’s career with the 1992 Pittsburgh Pirates, and it’s kind of interesting, when you consider that he also had a meteoric start in Boston in 1995.

Wakefield is one of the last relics remaining in the game from the years when the Pirates were a pretty good team(Miguel Batista of the Nationals played 1 game w/ the ’92 Pirates). Four of his first teammates have since managed in the big leagues. One of his first teammates became the all-time leader in home runs and federal indictments.

The price of gas when Tim Wakefield’s career began was around $1.12/gal.

Most of the current roster of the Pirates were in elementary school when Wakefield began his career.

Earning his 198th career victory in Pittsburgh would be a great way to get the Sox back on track


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