Hell Yeah.

Who’s going to win tonight’s Game 163 – Texas Rangers or Tampa Bay Rays?
Martin Perez is going for the Rangers, and has faced the Rays once, tossing 5 IP, 7 H, 2 R. 
Meanwhile, David Price is 1-4 in 8 career starts against the Rangers with an ERA of nearly 6.00. He didn’t face the Rangers this season.
The Rays have a pretty good bullpen, but the Rangers ‘pen has 3 guys with sub-2.00 ERAs and the highest ERA of the ‘pen regulars is 3.03. 
I think pitching always wins, but there is another factor.
The Rangers activated Nelson Cruz, who hasn’t faced MLB pitching since August 4th when he was suspended for being a cheating bastard. He owns David Price, but I think if he’s in the starting lineup, he’ll be chewed up by Price due to the layoff. I think Martin Perez will get knocked around a bit, because he’s 22 years old, hasn’t pitched in a game like this, and youth rarely beats experience.
Between Perez and Cruz, I think the Rangers are overmatched.
So, I think the Rays win this because they have a capable bullpen(though not as good as the Rangers), and I think they score early to set the pace. 
Starting Cruz is a mistake.
Of course, when he hits 3 homers and smashes the Rays, you’ll all have to pretend I never posted this.

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