Riding The Ray of Hope or Tito’s Revenge?

The Rays won Game #163 with David Price on the mound, and ‘underrated’ Alex Cobb is set to take on the Cleveland Indians for the one game playoff. Cobb’s been awesome since pretty much June. In his one start against the Indians he shut them down. which was also way back in April.

The Indians are putting their hopes in the arm of Danny Salazar, with all of 10 career MLB starts. Salazar has never faced the Rays, or the Red Sox, or the Athletics. He faced the Tigers twice, and struck out 10 the first time and blanked them for 6 innings the second time.

My theme has been pitching, and it’ll be interesting to see if Danny Salazar can have the Non-Cueto type of outing. The bats behind him are impressive. There are 10 players with at least 10 home runs on the year. However, Nick Swisher is notoriously terrible in the postseason. Will he finally break his own curse?

The Rays are also battling their own curse, of sorts. They need to prove that this core of players can not only reach the World Series again, but win it.

So which way will this go?

I’m going with the Rays knocking off Tito’s Revenge. It might be a pitching duel, but the youth of the Indians will do them in, ultimately.  Nick Swisher will continue his tormenting postseason failures.


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