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Red Sox Game Day Connections: Game 71, Milwaukee Brewers

At one time, Tommy Harper was the Milwaukee Brewers franchise leader in stolen bases. At another time, Tommy Harper held the single season record for most stolen bases by a Boston Red Sox. He remains among the the 10 best ever for both franchises in stolen bases.

Keeping with the theme this series, this is an incredibly short post.

Here’s hoping the Red Sox can steal the rubber match of the series.


Red Sox Game Day Connections: Game 70, Milwaukee Brewers

Sometimes, a player reacts in such a way that his professional career never fully recovers.

For what it’s worth, the Milwaukee Brewers signed Izzy Alcantara after the above incident. Alcantara hit .281 with 287 home runs in 15 minor league seasons.

Here’s hoping the Red Sox win again today, and there are no dropkicks needed!

Red Sox Game Day Connections: Game 69, Milwaukee Brewers

Due to time constraints, I don’t have enough time to write about the interleague game tonight between the Red Sox and the Milwaukee Brewers. Interesting to note, though, Cecil Cooper appeared in a World Series as a member of both teams!

Here’s hoping the Red Sox continue their winning ways, despite my inability to write a lengthy post.