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Blogging Elsewhere

Yep, I’ve moved again, to Square Space. I like it much better.

No idea if I’ll actually get back to blogging, but feel free to join me.

This space will remain as is, until the day WordPress decides to kill it.



My plan is to revitalize this blog. Maybe once a week, but hopefully more than that.

I’ve said this once again, we shall see.


Stay tuned.

Cardboard Gods: A Review

I won’t lie, I’m a giant fan of the blog that was the precursor to the book, but here’s a short review of it.

Cardboard Gods: An All-American Tale Told Through Baseball Cards by Josh Wilker is a memoir written by a blogger turned author, using baseball cards he collected as a youth.

While many bloggers that have gone on to write books have simply regurgitated their blogs, the Cardboard Gods memoir is original content, separate from his regular blog by the same name. The book itself is great. Anyone with a passing interest and understanding of baseball will enjoy this book. Anyone who has an older sibling, perhaps a step dad or even came from a single parent home. His upbringing isn’t your typical All-American Tale, but I guess in that sense anyone who didn’t have an All-American childhood will be able to relate. Which means we can all relate!

His descriptive way of how a person brings home a pack of baseball cards was incredible, because anyone who can remember their card collecting days will recall the anticipation of acquiring a card of Roger Clemens or Barry Bonds(ha, how things have changed.).

So, it’s a great memoir with a baseball setting, but I wouldn’t call it a straight up baseball book. It’s a great summer read. 5 out of 5 stars.

You can find the book here and you can find Josh’s blog of the same name here. He has more information on the book and his book tour here.

A Blog Anew

“Anew” –  Definition – afresh: again but in a new or different way.
I blogged before this entry.  I blogged a lot, actually, before this entry. I spent 4 years at Blogger, and 2 years before that at Live Journal. However, I blogged mostly joking about my daily life while in college, and sadly deleted that blog before realizing it would’ve been awesome to look back on. I blogged at Blogger for years, but saw my content and posting drop significantly in around 2007. There were a lot of things I blogged about there that are great, for that time in life.

My blogs before were mostly anonymous, except for the few people who knew about them. I preferred that, because I would write about stuff that sometimes were only interesting to very few.

Since my blogging overall has dropped, I  am attempting to revitalize my blogging style by making a few big changes. One of which is moving to WordPress, the other is blogging  with one central place that having multiple blogs(like I had before). I doubt I’ll delve into controversial things.

This is the first post, hopefully of many more!