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Photoblog: Manhattan Loop

Yesterday I took my bike out and ended up doing 39 miles and looping the island of Manhattan. I followed the east side bike path north, crossed at 125th street, and took the west side bike path south. It was a great day for a ride.

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As you can see, I biked all over the place. There were a lot of interesting things happening, and there were a lot of cars double parked in bike lanes. Perhaps the most interesting sight was the forklift driving a pallet of boxes down a street in the bike lane; in reverse!

Also, I busted my bell while biking over the Brooklyn Bridge as I tried to alert tourist pedestrians that I was riding through. The bell loosened, then popped off and was lost forever.


Photoblog: Wandering NYC

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I guess last night was an unintentional trip through art. My own attempt(with the passing train and the reflection), the canvassed wall art, and the graffiti art to go along with a photo of McSorley’s(arguably art in the sense of barroom style) and a Red Sox game in a NYC bar(a thing of beauty).

Photoblog: 2011 NYC Five Borough Bike Tour!

42 Miles through the five boroughs of New York City. This is how I saw it!

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The only gripe, that is well documented on Twitter, is the relatively constant stop & go throughout the bike tour.

Photoblog: 30 Days of Biking, Day 15

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This was a 30 mile adventure that started in south Brooklyn, went over into Manhattan via the Brooklyn Bridge, up to the Queensboro Bridge, and over into Queens.

Photoblog: 30 Days of Biking, Day 11

Photoblog: Bicycle Vs. Train, I

My friend took the D train, I took my bike, and we raced to a bakery in Lower Manhattan on a Sunday morning. I won the race, and then biked over the Williamsburg Bridge. Along the way I came across Summer Streets!

Photoblog: View from Manhattan Bridge